Monday, 25 July 2011

This and That

Odd neighbour

You know what, I really do have some very odd neighbours and as time goes on I feel I need to move for my own sanity and security!! So first let me explain about where I live. Its one of two brand new apartment blocks in a small town. Each building holding about 50 or so flats. Its really quite nice.

A few months ago I noticed a guy out in the car park , just wondering around picking up a bits of litter...nothing major. I thought to myself  'well that's nice of him, he wants to keep the place tidy'. Over time I found this gentleman doing more than picking up litter...for example most days he would go in the bin store and sort out the bins that were over flowing and spreading the rubbish into other bins.  Then i saw walking around with a clipboard with paper on it..almost checking things off as he was walking along. Now at this point may I say that the apartments already have a caretaker who comes each day. This 'new' guy was a resident in the building as i had seen him through a window on the bottom door.

I rang up the property management company to ask them who he was etc....they were not aware of anyone employed to do this duties! So since then I have seen this chap talk to some of the contractors who do work within the grounds.  Suddenly, he was out there with them digging up the grass, cutting tree's , trimming bushes  ?!!!! Even after the contractors had gone he had been continuing this 'work'!! He doesn't even change his clothes! he ALWAYS wears this baby blue polo shirt!  and over time, its been getting dirtier and gaining many holes! What is going on!?!  The contractors have been here pretty much everyday for the past two months and he is straight out there helping them.When they are not here, he is either doing more work around the grounds, or standing by the front door with paper work!? So , again I rang the property management company, and they have NO IDEA who he is. lol . ok this is really silly isn't it?

So lets call this guy 'Eddie' as I think that is his name.  This week Eddie has been helping out the contractors lay some new paving stones. I'm not sure who these guys think Eddie is? They either think he is the caretaker OR they know he isn't and they are getting an extra pair of hands for free!

Last week I saw Eddie cutting away some tree's at 8:30pm and I learn tonight he is doing some more work with the paving at 10:45pm!!!!! what is going on? Maybe I should ask him? Its so weird.

Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton's wedding dress is now on display at Buckingham Palace...good idea. most people missed it after spending the royal wedding staring at her sisters arse.

Amy Winehouse

Sad to hear about Amy this week. Interesting to see people leaving cans and bottles of vodka in memory of her...I wonder if that will be the trend of other celebrities who die? People leave them items that sum up their lives?..I would like to think when I die, people will leave a Nandos loyalty card and a Starbucks cup.

Others I have thought off...

Rupert Murdoch    - Mobile Phone and custard pies.

Angelina Jolie -  a huddle of Cambodian orphans 

Ryan Giggs....well, you wont be able to leave him anything or in fact mention he is dead

Film Shocks

A survey this week says that the film 'The Sixth Sense' holds the biggest shock in a film. Its where Bruce Wills's character is in fact dead (it was SO obvious though wasn't it?) . I don't agree, I thought it was Titantic....really did not see the boat sinking?

Katy Perry

Katie Perry has been spotted with blonde hair this week. This is after she accidentally dyed it ginger the other week. I thought it actually looked better ginger than blonde!  Here is her new hair below (she's the one in the middle, not the one with the white hat on).

Talking of the smurfs, I am right in thinking that Smurfette was the ONLY girl smurf? See if an STI went round the village, she wouldn't be able to show her face anywhere!. She'd be that embarrassed she'd turn purple

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