Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My first personal blog

So I have done tones of blogs for various radio stations I have worked for in the past 5 years. So lets see how this one goes!  I'll try share some personal observations from stuff I have seen or read within the week.
I'll also have a few bits of gossip on here with some celebrity interviews I get every so often as part of my job!

So here we go then....

Phone Hacking

Journo's at the News Of  The World  totally out of order for the phone hacking scandal. Thousands of people claim they are victims. I was wondering what number do I call to pick up answer phone messages on my 02 mobile phone, is it 901 or News International reception?

Also I don't understand why people were causing a right stink with threats to boycott the paper then buying it on Sunday...Saying the current journalists were 'not to blame'...but hang on if you went to a restaurant and they gave you really bad service or food poisoning, would you go back there a few years later because 'they have got new staff in' ?


I was in the centre of  London the other day (where all the tourists go) and I saw this guy dressed in woman's clothing. He was offering to do portraits using nothing but cigarette ash.......must of been a drag artist?

Big Spender Beyonce

This Beyonce apparently spent £9,000 in 90 minutes whilst shopping for shoes at Selfridges in London......whats that.. £100 every minute?   That's nothing , when I go to Selfridges I spend about £200 in a minute going through their pick n mix.

Rude Mug Shot

Here is a guy who got arrested in the USA this week and decided to put something rude on his forehead when having his mug shot...........Always wanted to know what the lead singer from R.E.M was up to these days.

Video or DVD shop?

Do people still call Video Shops 'Video Shops' . ?  I don't think I have ever heard someone call one 'A DVD Shop before?
I was in my local Blockbuster last week and I said 'have you got Spiderman' , the guy said 'no sorry'.......... 'well can I have batman forever then' , the guy said 'sorry mate, you'll have to bring it back tomorrow'

The Wanted

So boy band The Wanted came in for an interview to work this week, really nice guys. I was passed a note from the record label representative during the interview saying 'No Michelle?'  - for one minute I was trying to work out what it meant! but it was obviously in regards to Michelle Keegan (Tina from Corrie) , she is engaged to Max from the group.
Sometimes artists get a little annoyed if you ask about their personal life (which is fair enough) in reality what that 'No Michelle?' note REALLY meant was 'You dare mention ANYTHING about that girl from Corrie and they will kick you in the nuts'

Hear the interview on Sunday afternoon from 2pm

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  1. Oh god. I think your blog is going to be one of my new favourites! I laughed very loud at all of these. Hahahaha! Keep up the good work! :)