Tuesday, 27 December 2011

In today's news....

So here it is then, my first blog in ages.....So in the news today did you see the story about 18 year old Kerry Marshall who walked into a bank and pretended to be Katie Price and withdrew over £1,000 from the model's bank account....now I know what you are thinking, Kerry must look quite like Katie to pull off such a stunt...those blonde locks, big boobs, pretty face, pouting lips..............here she is:                                                                                                                                                            

...I really wish I was joking. How on earth did the member of staff think it was Katie Price? ...then again it was HSBC. This was a bank who stopped my card because I purchased a £50 pair of shoes. 

...Meanwhile the weigh loss pill used by Kim Kardashian goes on sale in the UK this week. It can burn 380 calories a DAY!! wow! I really hope Kim does not take an overdose of these pills, her family might come home and find a skeleton with some rather expensive hair extensions poking out of the skull.

Here is the woman in the USA who this week rang 911 to say 'I ate too much food' 

......I would be ringing the emergency services about your haircut, that is criminal.

So pleased that Prince Phillip is out of hospital....Imagine if he died over Christmas? Awful to think....I dont think I could bare a national day of mourning....I mean that would be another day we would not get the rubbish collected... its already over flowing as it is.

Cadbury's Chocolate are spending £6 million on making their bars 'stand up' because they feel that customers cant see them when they are shopping......that'll give the company a boost....(think about it)

Poor old Demi Moore, she is still really suffering from the break up with Ashton Kutcher. She has taken in three chihuahua puppies to take her mind off things. Awwwww bless. If you add up the ages of all three puppies, they are still older than her ex.

Meanwhile in other news: Christmas TV was rubbish!! I think the worst EVER this year....the films were pretty pants! ..however do you find yourself watching films on TV that you already own on DVD just because it 'feels different' ? ....thought so.

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